We are so excited to announce our final scripts for the CITY KITTIES digital series! Here is the full list of accepted entries:

Bedtime - Eugenie Carabatsos

Tuesday - Amy Escobar

Karen and Friends - Amy Escobar

Birthday Cake -  Amy Escobar

Birthday Lasagna - Natasha Backlin

Spider - Natasha Backlin

Intruder -  Natasha Backlin

Bouncin’ Back After the Big Buffet - Vivian Lermond

Sassy Sisters - Vivian Lermond

Bucket List - Sammi Taylor

Girls Night Out - Sammi Taylor

Chin Hair - Callan Stout

Apartment 1 - Becca Plunkett

Apartment 2 - Becca Plunkett

Apartment 3 - Becca Plunkett

Nothing is Wrong - Becca Plunkett

A Good Friend - Kirsten Milliron

Cat Moms - Kirsten Milliron

Locked Out - Kirsten Milliron

Eggs - Jen Huszcza

Glue Trap -Chloe Owens

Summer Heat - Chloe Owens 

Grilled Cheese - Courtney Lloyd

Gummies - Francesca Pazniokas

Pizza - Francesca Pazniokas

Spider - Francesca Pazniokas

Herring - Bara Swain

James Bond - Bara Swain

The Sweater - Bara Swain

Lisa and Rhea - Molly Wagner

Luster's Pink - Jess Waters

Reunion - Jess Waters

Netflix and No Chill - Makrenna Sterdan

Where's My Dog - Makrenna Sterdan

A Bunch of KD - Makrenna Sterdan

Peed - Charlotte Gulezian

The Answer My Friend - Charlotte Gulezian

Schenectady - Jenny Mead

Visit - Rachel Abraham

The Article - Carolyn Page

Infested - Carolyn Page

He Who Shall Not Be Named - Ellen Steves

Taffy - Ellen Steves

Santa Con - Ellen Steves

Delivery - Ellen Steves

Night Ship - Ellen Steves

Sneak - Lauren Currie

Germany Night - Lauren Currie / Ellen Steves

Phone, Keys, Wallet - Lauren Currie / Ellen Steves

The One Where They Lose the Friends DVD - Lauren Currie / Ellen Steves

The One Where They Find the Friends DVD - Lauren Currie / Ellen Steves